The Premier Sponsor of the Arizona Mead Cup is Moonlight Meadery!

The Best of Show winner will have a "Mead Makers Choice" to co-make a commercial mead with Michael Fairbrother.

Moonlight Mead will finally be available for sale in Arizona distributed by Young Markets!

Arizona Mead Cup
Judging April 27 & April 28, 2013

Congratulations To The 2013 Arizona Mead Cup Winners

First Last Cat Sub Name Medal
Mino Choi & Molly Noyes 25 C P(Bc X 2) BOS Gold
Chuck Howell 26 A Papa Westray Bos Silver
Robert Shelton 24 A El Oro Silver
Jerry Charette & Dan Olson 24 A Nelja Bronze
Steve McCall 24 B Basswood Mead Gold
Shawn & Jacque Raftery 24 B Cali's Choice Chablis Silver
Scot Schaar 24 B Wookin Pa Nub Bronze
Scot Schaar 24 C Havana Daydreamin Verse 3 Gold
Kevin Lott 24 C Wildflower Orange Mead Silver
S. Charles Ali 24 C Traditional Desert Dessert Mead Bronze
Jeffrey Marion 25 B Chardonay Semillon Mead Gold
Jeremy Voeltz 25 B Eternally Grapeful Silver
Mino Choi & Molly Noyes 25 C P(Bc X 2) Gold
Mino Choi & Molly Noyes 25 C Tc X Bc Silver
John Rudolph 25 C Huckleberry Melomel Bronze
Chuck Howell 26 A Papa Westray Gold
Jerry Charette & Dan Olson 26 A En Valita Silver
Matthew Klein & Andrea Martin 26 A Vanilla Bee n Mead Bronze
Karen Schaar 26 B Blue Lunar Gold
Scot Schaar 26 C Apocalypso Gold
Steve McCall 26 C Peach Melba Mambo Silver
James Fowler 26 C Cranberry Lime Bronze
Matthew Jacobson 27 A Cider Squared Silver
Jeremy Voeltz 27 A Mountaintop Cider Bronze
Jeremy Voeltz 28 B Apple-Cherry Cider Silver
Robert Burger 28 D Bourbon Barrel Maple Cider Gold
Mino Choi & Molly Noyes 28 D New Millenium Caramel Apple Hard Cider Silver