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Update from meeting 7/12/2014

Don't forget September 20th is weekend at Bernie's. Come and make some home-brew by the pool and bring a sleeping bag if you want to spend the night. The fun start at 7:00 AM and lasts all day and through the night as needed. Please RSVP to Bill or Bernie if you are coming. Brew spaces are limited.

ASH Oktoberfest competition entry deadline is September 19th. Judging is 9/27 and 9/28. If you can judge or steward let Bill or Sonia know.

October 19th meeting will be at Cedric's. This is a Sunday and starts at 2:00pm. His address is 1948 W. Krystal Way Phoenix, AZ 85027.

October 11th is the AZ Mead cup competition. It is at Grand Ave Brewery and it will be ran by Sonia and Jodi. If you can judge or help let Sonia know or Bill. Their email address is on the BA web site.

October 19th is also the ASH Oktoberfest at Kiwanis parkway. Also need BA members who plan to attend to represent us and pour beer and donate beer at the festival.

Next learn how to brew day is November 1st and will be held at Grand Avenue Brewery.

November 8th Jason Meyers is having a German feast party . He will be grilling brats on the grill and have lots of German food to eat. So if you can bring a German dish and some beer and join in on the fun. Jason's address is 12552 W Monterosa Dr. Litchfield Park ,AZ Party starts around 4 pm.

Thanksgiving meeting will be held at Debbie and Howards on Nov. 16, 2014. This is an updated date for Thanksgiving party.

The next brew out is the holiday brew out on December 6th at Chuck's "What ale's ya" 6363 W Bell RD, Glendale AZ. Remember at " What ale's ya " you get 25% off what you buy if you brew with it that day. So come and have fun brewing and save some money too.

December 13th is the Christmas party at Joe Bob's starts at 5pm.

New Years day is the big brew out at the Naff compound, So mark this on your calendar too.

Update from meeting 5/17/2014

Everyone had a great time swimming and eating at the meeting last Sunday at Randy and Carol Pace's house. Thank you Randy and Carol for having the meeting again at your house. We had some perspective members attend the meeting and we all enjoyed having them there.

Big Brew was last week and it was a big success. John Cole owner of Grand Ave Brewery celebrated his 50th birthday that day. He had a great time and offered to host out Big Brew next year. We had seven brewers from our club and three from central Phoenix club. In total they made 56 gallons of great beer. Great job everyone maybe we can top that next year. But it will be hard to beat.

Stuart Siegel offered to host the meeting next month on June 14th.

His address is 20210 N 76th Ave, Scottsdale AZ. Thanks Stuart for stepping in to help out.

Beer camp September 5th and 6th and 7th on the Mogollon rim. This is the weekend after Labor Day. And remember Saturday is pot luck so bring a dish to share.

September 20th is weekend at Bernie's. The fun brewing will start at 08:00 am and can last all night. Just bring your sleeping bag and camp out.

Next year Bernie is coordinator for the Great AZ Home Brew Competition. He asked for volunteers for a committee to help resolve a lot of issues for next year's home brew competition.
Volunteers are Jerry Wheeler, Stuart Siegel, Joe Burke, Heather Hilliker and Jason Myers.

Some Committee topics they will discuss are
1. Date for competition
2. Pay pal charges
3. Poster for event needed
4. Reward for best of show. Suggested have option to make their brew at a local brewery.

Two topics not covered at yesterday’s meeting:

2015 American Homebrewer's Conference. The word is that a couple AHA board members let it slip that the conference will be held in San Diego sometime in June 2015. The last time it was in San Diego, a group of us went and had a great time. If there are any of you wanting to go, a committee should be created so that everyone can be kept updated with current information, a theme can be created for the "Homebrewer’s Night", homebrew can be donated, as well as hotel and transportation can be scheduled. If anyone has pictures from the last conference and links to video, please chime in so other folks can know what to expect.

We have not scheduled a Happy Hour yet. Bill will be out of town for the Memorial weekend but if anyone wants to hit a place on the west side (Peoria Artisan, Caballero, Ground Control) before Thursday, let him know.

Update 4/8/2014

The results from the 2014 GAHBC have been posted. Click here to view

Update 3/5/2014

The online registration system for the Great Arizona Homebrew Competition 2014 is now open!

It's easy to indicate if you want to Judge, Steward and/or Submit Entries and Pay Online. Please select the appropriate button below.

Use the buttons below if you don't want to register your beers online and go old school.

Beer Evaluation Definitions

To see this year's poster and read more about the competition Click Here

Update 2/9/2014

We have 170 members online. And we welcomed new members at the meeting. We want to encourage the new members to learn to brew by having them be a brew buddy to help learn more. Or if they want us to come over and help them at their home we will help. Just let us know if you want any help.

Beer week is next week. We have a booth at the Strong beer festival. The club is selling t-shirts. Dean will also have a booth. Show up and have a great time at the festival.

Ground Control Tap House. Bill will be doing a demonstration of how to brew. It starts at 09:00 am. There will be happy hour pricing for food and beer. Come and enjoy the fun. the address is 4860 N Litchfield Rd, Litchfield Park

AZ brewery tour of three new breweries on the east side. The three breweries are Huss, Wilderness and fate breweries. Meet at Freakin brewery at 10:00 am to get in the bus. Price is approximately $100.00 per person but that includes the beer and your lunch. Only thing not included is the tip for the bus driver. So it's a great deal come and enjoy all the fun.

Next meeting at Joe and Moe Burke's house. Joe says bring your swim suit because the pool has solar heat and should be warm enough to swim. There will be burgers and hotdogs to BBQ. And of course please bring a side dish, homebrew to share and a commercial beer to raffle.

Need volunteers to host Sunday 4/13 meeting and second Saturday of the month meetings for May, June July and August. September meeting will be on the 13th which is a Saturday instead of Sunday the 14th.

4/5/14 and 4/6/14

Home Brew Competition will be held April 5 & 6 at Grand Avenue Brewing located at 1205 W. Pierce St, Phoenix AZ 85007. Let Bill know if you can be a steward or a judge. We will need lots of help and it is so much fun, so come help do anything you can. Also the weekend before we will need help in labeling the bottles. So please volunteer to help out, it is appreciated so much.

The online registration system for the Great Arizona Homebrew Competition 2014 is now open!

To see this year's poster and read more about the competition Click Here

Let us know how many gallons you brewed to see who will win the Norm award. Please email your total gallons brewed to stu.siegel@yahoo.com.

Looking for a member to coordinate setting up happy hour. Please email Bill if you are interested in participating in helping set this up. wn45@ymail.com

Update 1/22/2014

Bru Gear stainless steel brewing kettles & fermenters

Phil Spivey a local from Scottsdale AZ has a Kickstarter project were you can get a great deal on some stainless steel brewing kettles and fermenters. For those of you who don't know what Kickstarter is it's a web site where people who are starting a business raise money to help fund the initial start-up (i.e. called Crowdsourcing). You can make a Pledge at different dollar amounts. If enough people pledge and the funding goal is met then the project is approved and the steel kettles and fermenters will be made. If the funding goal isn't met no money changes hands and the project is dead. FYI the project closes on Sunday Feb 16th at 11:39 am. Lots of times you can get in on the ground floor and get a killer deal. I made a pledge for $245. If the project is successful I'll get a brand new 15 gallon stainless steel mash tun with a false bottom. Oh I'm dreaming of using the mash tun to do a Barley Wine or Russian Imperial Stout! Yum. I can't make these with my current 5 gallon system. Here's a link to find out more if you are interested. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2055692701/bru-gear-stainless-steel-brewing-kettles-and-ferme?ref=search Your Web Master - Stu Siegel

National Homebrew Competition - New Registration Process

Open January 27 - February 2

A number of changes have been made to the registration process for the 2014 National Homebrew Competition (NHC), with the goal of maximizing the number of American Homebrewers Association (AHA) members that can participate in the competition while reducing the stress of the first come, first served registration process of previous years.

Open Registration

Registration for this year's NHC will be quite different than previous years. To avoid the time-sensitive nature of the first come, first served model of past years, the 2014 competition will have an open registration period from Monday, January 27 through Sunday, February 2, during which members of the American Homebrewers Association can register for the competition. The time at which registration is submitted will have no influence on registrants, so there is no need to sign up as soon as registration opens, nor any value to waiting until the last minute. Read the complete article.

Update 1/12/2014

Hello BA. We held our first meeting of 2014 on 1/12. Here's what was discussed:

If you love beer, especially your own homebrewed beer, or if you've been meaning to learn to brew beer, it's time for you to join Brewmeisters Anonymous! Click Here for a printable Club Membership form.

The best way to learn more about the club is to join us at a meeting.
You can find the next meeting listed above, or on the Calendar page.
Members bring homebrew and munchies to share, as well as a bottle or two of interesting commercial beer for the raffle.

This site serves as a resource for the Club to share and to communicate information about the hobby of home brewing beer, mead, and wine and share Beer related events. We appreciate your interest. Have a look around, enjoy the brewing information as much as we do and feel free to contact us anytime!